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Lo-Chlor Vinyl Restorer & Protector

Lo-Chlor Vinyl Restorer & Protector

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 Water Repellent.
 Built in SPF Protection.
 Remains effective for up to 30 days.

Vinyl Restorer & Protector is a unique product that has been specially formulated to both restore and protect Spa & Hot Tub vinyl covers. Our product is based on proven technologies in the marine industry.


Vinyl Restorer & Protector is a unique product and has a unique formulation. Some of the advantages of using Vinyl Restorer & Protector are:

  • It’s water repellent to hinder the penetration of water by giving your cover its own “rain coat”.
  • It has built in SPF protection to prevents against fading from UV rays.
  • It remains effective for up to 30 days giving you peace of mind, however, the more you use it the better protection you get.


  • New Covers – Simply spray on and leave to dry.
  • Older Covers – Spray on and wipe the area with a soft cloth then re-apply and let it dry.
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