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Pro-Swim Winter Plus - 5ltr no

Pro-Swim Winter Plus - 5ltr no

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Algae develops quickly, forms unsightly stains, discolours pool water and can be difficult to remove. For Long term protection against algae with just a single dose is Pro-Swim Winter Plus. Add this product during the removal process to offer maximum protection from Algae.

  1.  The ideal pH reading is between 7.3 – 7.5
  2. Ensure bathing has ceased before adding chemicals to the water.
  3. It is good practice to Shock Dose with chlorine prior to application of Pro-Swim Winter Plus.
  4. Wait 24hrs after Chlorine Shock before adding Pro-Swim Winter Plus.
  5. Dose Pro-Swim Winter Plus at a rate of 5lts for 56M3 (12,300 gallons)
  6. Add Pro-Swim Winter Plus directly to circulating water to ensure thorough distribution.
  7. During excessively wet winter periods a further addition of Pro-Swim Winter Plus is recommended. 
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