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Pro-Swim Maxi Plus Chlorine Tablets - 5kg

Pro-Swim Maxi Plus Chlorine Tablets - 5kg

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A slow dissolving Stabilised Chlorine Tablet used to disinfect swimming pool water. These tablets must be dosed via an erosion feeder or floating dispenser; it is not advisable to dose via the skimmer basket(s). 
These Tablets dissolve more slowly, gradually releasing chlorine over 3 to 14 days. They should ideally be used alongside granules for maximum chlorine control. Do not Throw the tablets directly into the pool as they will dissolve on the pool floor may cause staining or bleaching. 


1.   Test the water for FREE CHLORINE using a CHLORINE test kit. 

2.   The ideal reading for FREE CHLORINE is 2 – 4 PPM (Parts per Million) and pH reading between 7.3 – 7.5 

3.   Only use these tablets in a floating dispenser or circulatory feeder specifically designed for the use of these chlorine tablets. Never mix these tablets with ANY OTHER CHEMICALS. 

4.   Add tablet(s) to the erosion feeder or floating dispenser. 

5.   DO NOT place these tablets in direct contact with swimming pool surfaces. 

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