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Pro-Swim Floc Granules - 2kg

Pro-Swim Floc Granules - 2kg

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The efficient way to clear cloudiness caused by fine debris in swimming pool water.


A dose rate of 1 kilo/50m3 will flocculate fine debris which will fall to the floor of the pool, for vacuum removal.


  • Adjust pH to 7.2.
  • Backwash the filters.
  • Dissolve required amount of Floc Granules in 10 litres warm water and distribute evenly around the pool to ensure mixing.
  • Switch off circulation pump.
  • Allow the floc to settle to the pool floor. 
  • Switch on circulation pump and vacuum to waste.
  • Normal filtration will removeany remaining floc.  The pressure may rise quickly to back wash levels when used indiatomateous earth or high rate sand filters.

Storage & Handling  Store

in a cool dry place away from other chemicals.  Always wear suitable gloves and eye protection when  handling chemicals.

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