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Lo-Chlor Maxi-Floc Plus 1Ltr

Lo-Chlor Maxi-Floc Plus 1Ltr

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 Fastest working flocculant on the market.
 Leaves no messy residue in the pool.
 Can be used on all pool finishes.
 Compatible with all known pool treatments.

Maxi-Floc Plus is a fast-acting heavy duty flocculant that restores clarity to the cloudiest pools. Maxi-Floc Plus leaves no messy residue, can be used in all pool types and is compatible with all known pool treatments.


  1. Calculate the volume of Maxi-Floc Plus required from the table below.
  2. Pre-dilute the product in a clean plastic container.
  3. Set the pool filter to RE-CIRCULATE. Where this setting is not available, remove the filter cartridges or grids before operating the filter.
  4. Adjust the pH to 7.8 to achieve best results.
  5. Evenly distribute around the pool with the pump and filter running.
  6. Run the pump for 1 to 2 hours and turn off.
  7. Leave the pool until all residue settles (within six hours).
  8. Vacuum to waste.
  9. Replace filter cartridges or grids, where necessary.
  10. Resume normal filtration and correctly balance the pool water.


Pool Volume Dose
Gallons Litres  
5,500 25,000 500ml
11,000 50,000 1000ml
16,500 75,000 1250ml
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