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Alkali (pH Plus) - 1kg

Alkali (pH Plus) - 1kg

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When the pH is too low (Below 7.2) it can be quickly brought back to the required level by adding Pro-Swim Alkali. If the pH reading is too low it can cause eye and skin irritations and cause corrosion to the swimming pool equipment.


  1. Test the water with a test kit, if pH is below 7.2 add pH Plus (Increaser)
  2. The ideal pH range is 7.3 – 7.5 
  3. Ensure bathing has ceased before adding chemicals to the water. 
  4. Add pH Plus (Increaser) directly to circulating water with water temperature above 200C (for temperatures below 200C add product to 10 litres of clean water in a clean plastic container and add directly to the circulating pool water.) 
  5. Dose a MAXIMUM of 500g of pH Plus to 50 M3 (11,000 gallons) to water at any one time. 
  6. After 4 hours re-test the water and follow point 5 again to increase pH further. 
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